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About KelliWorks Bookkeeping Services

KelliWorks is a full-service, virtual accounting department with consulting and on-site services available. At KelliWorks, it is our passion to take the burden off your back, organize your books and save you money. We bring value through experience we have acquired over the years, working with numerous small businesses and corporations in North Jersey and beyond. We will establish accounting procedures, filing procedures, job costs and profitability measures and put in place methodologies to measure the efficiency of your business. Many small business owners struggle, underestimating the time and energy needed to manage the finances vital for a successful business. Your business started with a passion for providing your craft and we help you get back to doing what you do best. If you need more time to grow your business, your finances are in good hands with KelliWorks, who will give you the financial support and peace of mind that you seek.

Who is Kelli?

Kelli has worked with small businesses for over 13 years doing bookkeeping and virtual accounting. Kelli is passionate about small businesses, as she gets to ride the wave of excitement with these entrepreneurs, while they expand and grow and exercise their creativity, passion and talent. She feels honored to be a part of their dream and help them reach their goals. Kelli grew up in South Orange, NJ and still lives nearby. Kelli opened up shop as KelliWorks in 2009 and has been empowering small businesses to grow by taking their anxiety about their books away! Kelli’s favorite season is Tax Time as she loves helping businesses get through this stressful time. Kelli’s favorite number is 7 and her favorite memory is walking to school in September on the first day of school. Kelli is mother to two young boys and her favorite moment was the birth of her sons at home. When Kelli is not working on her clients’ accounts, you can find her in the sun--preferably at a beach with plenty of palm trees.

Kelli Lewis (Coleman Chaves)

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